Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Asked For This?!?!

Yes, I did!! I asked for this. I longed for this. In fact, for so long I begged for this!

Sleepless nights, trips to the pediatrician and ER, Nick Jr and Sprout and the Disney Channel out the wazoo, lack of showers, dark circles under my eyes, spit up, snot smears on my shoulder... and thigh, scrapped knees, tantrums, a pantry full of cheese crackers, Cheetos stains on my furniture, quadruple the laundry...

Well I may not have put it in these exact words when I was on my knees pleading with God for the child we thought we may never have, but all these things are part of the package. And today I choose to praise God for them. Because without them I wouldn't have...

... giggles, little feet to kiss, funny Jackisms to share with those I love, the best photo subjects in the world, someone that looks like me and Aaron, sincere "I love yous" from little hearts, someone to tell they are special every single day, the chance to watch an imagination grow up close, hands to hold, the greatest two accomplishments of my life time.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, God is GOOD! I am happy to praise Him with you in the abundance of the grace He has poured upon you. I hope to be able to give some hugs to your two special boys someday.