Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue In The "Mouth" ??? - A Jackson Tale...

Jackson... ran to me this morning gagging on his breakfast. Terrified I began to have him spit out what was in his mouth and hit him on the back. Then I looked at his face and his lips and chin were BLUE! Freaking out... once he got up the way big too bite in his mouth I said, "Are you ok?"... "Yes Mommy."... "Did you color your face?"... "No Mommy." I took a deep breath and he ran out of the room care free... then casually turned to me and matter of factly said. "I colored my tongue!" Then trotted off...

Not a good combo!! Let's not color our tongues blue with marker and then stuff our mouths with too much food and run to Mommy because we don't know where to spit it! The marker wiped right off. He's fine.


  1. Oh my word!! I would have had an axiety attack! Thankfully he is ok :) I am not looking forward to the days when my son decides it is time to color everywhere haha

  2. That's funny (but not for you!). :)